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Visma has another strong quarter, increasing annualised revenue by 21,2% to reach EUR 1,591m

Total revenue for Q3 grew 17,9% to EUR 505 million, while EBITDA increased 15,8% to EUR 166 million.

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All business areas continued steady growth

Compared to Q3 of last year, all of Visma’s business areas grew substantially. Visma Nordics grew by 18%; Visma Benelux by 21%; Visma Custom Solutions by 14%; and Visma’s geographical expansion areas in Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America by 65%.

The continued focus on digitalisation among European and Latin American governments points to an outlook of healthy growth in the year to come.

Notable milestones

  • Visma’s Annualized Repeatable Revenue (ARR) this quarter was EUR 1 591 million, a growth of 21,2% compared to the same period last year.
  • 79% of Visma’s total revenues are now generated from cloud-related software and services. SaaS subscription and transaction revenues increased 30,4% compared to the same period last year.
  • 20,8 million invoices and 9,8 million payslips now flow through Visma’s software systems every month.

Half a dozen new companies acquired

6 new companies joined the Visma family in Q3, bringing this year’s total to 26 new acquisitions.

Most notable were Use IT, owner of the Bouwsoft brand and provider of construction industry software that will increase Visma’s presence in Belgium; Synaxion, a Dutch provider of Monitoring and BI solutions for the public sector; and Vuealta, a performance management and business planning company serving Finland.


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