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Visma strengthens its focus on HRM solutions

Visma strengthens its focus on HRM with the acquisition of Aditro’s software portfolio Huldt & Lillevik, a leading portfolio of HRM solutions for SME businesses in Norway.

The software portfolio Huldt & Lillevik contains products for payroll and HRM (Lønn, Ansattportal, Oppfølging, Kjørebok, og Håndbøker). Combined with high competence services and support they provide leading solutions for the HRM segment in Norway. Changes in rules and regulations for HRM and payroll are introduced annually, and the solutions assure that the industry is always up to date on current laws and regulations through systematic product development, training and information.

– The acquisition of the software line, Huldt & Lillevik, is an important part of Visma’s focus on automation and the efficiency improvement of administrative processes and will contribute to further develop Visma as a provider of complete HRM solutions. We believe this will create new opportunities and increase value for both our existing and new customers, says Eivind Gundersen, Division Director Visma Software SMB.

Many Huldt & Lillevik customers are already using other Visma solutions, and there will be a strong focus on giving common customers improved integration between the solutions. The acquired knowledge will be important in the development of new products and services, including Visma’s focus on cloud-based HRM solutions.

– The Norwegian market is facing a challenging and necessary transition to cloud-based solutions, with the need for a significant development effort in competition with foreign players. Visma will contribute with capital, competence, and its established technical platforms to secure that important SaaS-solutions for the industry will be developed with a focus on the conditions and needs of Norwegian companies, Gundersen says.

– To become a part of Visma will give our software line new opportunities in the market and strengthen our competence. Huldt & Lillevik will gain new ideas and new ways of solving future challenges. Our strategic thoughts and plans for the future are fulfilled in a good way for both customers and employees by this acquisition. We are convinced that Huldt & Lillevik will have a positive development as a part of Visma, says Managing director of Huldt & Lillevik, Roy S. Torheim.


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