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Visma to divest businesses within Cloud Infrastructure Services (CIS)

Visma has entered into an agreement to sell the Norwegian and Swedish parts of its CIS-division to the Møller family's investment company Aars.

Visma CIS supplies technical IT services to large Nordic companies, and has a track record of solid growth and strong customer satisfaction.

“Aars has expressed a clear ambition to strengthen its presence in IT and related services, and I am convinced that they will be a good owner for our CIS businesses. For Visma, this means that we continue to crystallise our position as a leading supplier of mission-critical software in Europe", says Merete Hverven, CEO of Visma.

The agreement entails that Aars will buy Visma Exso AS, Visma EssCom AB and 50.1 percent of Value Retail Consulting AS.

Aars is already the main owner of the IT service company InfoCare, and the acquisition of the CIS companies is part of a long-term plan to build a robust Nordic IT supplier with high delivery capacity, a wide range of services and local presence close to the customers.

"InfoCare, Exso, EssCom and Value Retail Consulting have complementary products and service offerings, and bringing them together under a common ownership enables us to combine the best of these businesses", says Runar Kvåle, investment director at Aars.

The transaction is dependent on approval from competition authorities in Norway and Sweden.

For more information, please contact:
Jørn Ludahl, Division Director, Cloud Infrastructure Services
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