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4 Visma products using AI assistants and chatbots to elevate customer support

AI assistants and chatbots are a revelation for customer success teams. From 24/7 support to instant access to a wealth of knowledge, they are a great tool to boost customer experience. Let’s dive into four Visma products using them today, and the results they’re seeing so far.

Business software is in the thick of the AI revolution, and one of the biggest benefits we’re seeing is the integration of AI assistants and chatbots for customer support. Customer interactions are pivotal to business success, and AI can play a crucial role in enhancing those experiences.

These AI-powered tools allow customers to find answers quickly, search knowledge databases, troubleshoot problems on their own, give feedback, and more. They take some of the burden off customer support teams, especially for easier questions, so they can focus on more complex issues. And because they are “always on”, customers don’t have to wait for normal working hours to get the help they need.

Enabling data-driven customer satisfaction

Outside of the actual customer support they provide, another big value is that they can constantly analyse user interactions. This data helps businesses understand customer preferences, pain points, and behaviours, and can guide strategic decision-making from service offerings to marketing campaigns. When software providers get better insight into what customers are struggling with or what they’re trying to accomplish in their own businesses, they’re better able to think and operate proactively.

So, it should come as no surprise that Visma companies are actively integrating AI assistants and chatbots into our existing products and services.

AI assistants and chatbots in Visma products

The number of Visma companies planning, implementing, or already using AI-powered customer support tools is steadily increasing each month. As of March, 15 Visma products have released customer support assistants and chatbots, answering thousands of questions and improving customer satisfaction along the way. Let’s take a look at four prime examples.


In January of this year, Tripletex launched their custom AI Assistant to all of their 100,000+ customers. So far, it has answered over 150,000 questions and helped reduce the Support Intensity Rate (SIR) by 26% year-over-year in January, in conjunction with other efforts from Product & Development teams. According to Christian Hammer, Product Manager at Tripletex, the initial launch of the AI Assistant has exceeded all expectations.

Tripletex AI Assistant demo

“Our customers now have help available 24/7, and our AI Assistant helps them answer a large portion of their questions. In fact, only about 10% of the questions asked are forwarded to our support department. After completing the roll-out to all of our customers earlier this year, our AI Assistant has answered more than 150,000 questions, giving instant support to many, while also substantially reducing the time it takes to talk to a support agent.”

Christian Hammer, Product Manager at Tripletex


Dinero launched their AI chatbot in early 2023 and it currently handles more than 50% of all incoming customer support requests successfully. They’ve seen that 51% of customers ask the chatbot first and, of that group, only 17% are then directed to a support agent. This AI-powered tool now serves as first-line support, while still making it easy for customers to get in contact with a human.

Dinero chatbot demo (available only in Danish)

“We started experimenting with a chatbot in April 2023. The goal was to learn, get lots of experience from working with a chatbot (and LLMs) and to see how our customers reacted to a chatbot, as our supporters are really important for the experience with the Dinero product and business. Of course, with launching a chatbot, we have a goal to cut support costs, but it shall be done without comprising our customers’ support experience.”

Theis Jørgensen, CRO at Dinero

Visma Software AS

Launched in February of this year, Visma Software’s chatbot is quite unique in that it supports not just one but 14 different products – eight cloud products and six on-prem products. From Payroll to ERP to reporting to project management, Visma Software handles it all with a wide range of offerings. And now, their products have the unified support of an AI chatbot.

Visma Software chatbot demo

“Our AI chatbot is available 24/7. The live-chat has expertly managed 23,025 customer interactions in the last two months, solving 70% without human intervention. This AI solution is equivalent to tripling our live-chat support team, eliminating the need for additional hires during peak periods. This deployment marks a significant advancement in our customer support capabilities, greatly enhancing our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

Oliver Sogn, Project Manager at Visma Software AS

Visma Spcs

In March 2023, Visma Spcs began developing their AI Assistant in select products and fully launched in February of this year. Their Assistant engages in over 10,000 dialogues each month and has a correctness rate of 83%. So far, they’re seeing overwhelming success with less than 17% of users reaching out to human support agents after using the assistant.

Visma Spcs AI Assistant demo

“The AI Assistant is accessible 24/7, with 41% of usage occurring outside normal business hours. This feature is crucial for businesses that operate beyond traditional times, ensuring continuous support without delay. Plans are underway to integrate the AI Assistant more deeply with our core products to provide a more personalised user experience. This next step aims to enhance user engagement by tailoring interactions more closely to individual needs and contexts.”

Mathias Johansson, AI Lead at Visma Spcs

Big wins so far, with more to come

Visma companies report 50-80% of their first-line support chat interactions can be fully automatically solved through the chatbot – without compromising customer satisfaction. That’s a huge win. 

On top of that, every company interviewed about their AI initiatives mentioned that their knowledge base is the key to success. The more we improve our documentation, the better our AI will perform – and our customers and support teams are the ones who benefit. With the constant learning loop of AI assistants and chatbots, our documentation is getting better with every query.

Internally, support employees are also now able to onboard faster than ever because they’re able to find information on their own. When you think about the amount of time and money support teams can save by getting new colleagues up-to-speed quickly using assistants and chatbots, it’s really a no-brainer.

And this is just the beginning!

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