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An inside look at our content moment with Team Visma | Lease a Bike

New name, new look, and brand new excitement. Come behind the scenes of a content moment with our sponsorship cycling team.

Photographer capturing Jonas Vingegaard working on his phone

The cycling world is gearing up for a thrilling new season, and our team isn’t just hitting the road: they’re hitting it with style! As Visma takes the helm as the first title sponsor of the world’s best cycling team, there are lots of new things to get excited about this year.

New Team Visma | Lease a Bike logo and race kit

With a new name comes a new look. The updated logo and race kit bring a fresh look while staying true to its history and visual identity.

Team Visma Lease a Bike logo

Yes, the main colour of the team is still yellow, like it has been for many, many years. The new brighter yellow colour helps the team stand out from the competition, and it makes associations to a winning team. At Team Visma | Lease a Bike, they want everyone in their organisation to perform on a yellow jersey level.

Three (3) Team Visma Lease a Bike riders on bicycles with new race jerseys

“I really think it’s a super nice kit. We remain recognisable in the colours we have been using for so many years. Yellow is the highest achievement in our sport, so I find it symbolic that it’s also the colour of our shirt.”

Wout van Aert

Fresh content for Team Visma | Lease a Bike’s biggest fans

One of our favourite aspects of this sponsorship is helping to establish a connection between the team, the Visma brand, and the fans. Now, you might think that cyclists are busy with endless training and races, and you’d be right! But during their January training camp in sunny Spain, they were gracious enough to set aside two entire days for content creation.

Team Visma Lease a Bike team car
Photographer taking pictures of Jonas Vingegaard in front of green screen
Team Visma Lease a Bike rides on the road

No sports journalists? No problem

Instead of using the traditional sports journalist approach, we aimed for something more unique for these sessions – getting to know the riders on a personal level. We want people to not just know each rider’s stats but understand what makes them tick. 

So, we asked them questions about everything from their goals to what actor would play them in a movie to which of their teammates is most likely to fall asleep during a meeting.

Careful planning was key

With a limited time window and riders on a tight schedule, we had to be meticulous with our planning. And because Visma is a huge organisation of over 170 companies – all of whom are encouraged to use sponsorship content in their internal and external initiatives – a big part of that planning was to make sure we got a wide variety of photos and videos they can use throughout the year. 

Before we arrived on location, we asked our Visma employees, across our companies, what they’d like to know about the riders and what types of videos they’d like to see. Based on their input, we created content to make sure everyone could get something – personal greetings, messages, etc. And of course, we also made sure to get some fun, exclusive content to share on the Visma LinkedIn and Visma Facebook channels. Stay tuned for that!

Collage of three (3) photos with Jonas Vingegaard and Sepp Kuss at a photo shoot

Some of our filming challenges

Every day of content creation has its share of surprises. Will we be meeting the riders in a cosy meeting room or a vibrant outdoor scene? Our video producer has to be ready for anything. Lights, greenscreens, cameras, microphones – it’s like preparing for a cinematic circus! And yes, this year, the teleprompter made its debut.

We were lucky to get a suite at the hotel. So there were no charging challenges, no need to dismantle setups after day one, and we even had a choice of furniture to create the perfect interview backdrop. Sure, the afternoon sun threw in some unexpected lighting challenges. But what’s life without some spontaneity?

Find out what these days are like from behind the camera

Wout van Aert sitting in a chair and crew fixing lights before an interview
Wout van Aert posing for photo on a bicycle in front of a green screen

Sickness and schedule shifts

Of course, even with the best-laid plans, changes are inevitable. One of the riders fell sick, so we had to reshuffle schedules on the fly. It was stressful in the moment, but that also speaks to the essence of the sports world. The ability to adapt, embrace the changes, and turn challenges into victories is what separates the good teams from the great ones. We all just rolled with it, and we made it work.

Jonas Vingegaard signing water bottles

Stay tuned to see the results

Two intensive and fun days later, we had all the content needed… and now we can’t wait to share it with you! Keep an eye on our website and social media channels as the season kicks into high gear.Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out!

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