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The best HR is technology-driven HR

Technology has a huge impact on HR professionals. By embracing the digital revolution, HR professionals can serve employees better than ever and can become more efficient in their everyday work.

The best HR is technology driven HR
The best HR is technology driven HR

One of Visma’s main goals is to make the workday more efficient. Visma wholeheartedly believes that the use of technology can improve organisational communication. Technology allows us to connect with team members like never before. And we’ve found that encouraging our employees to connect with each other as well as with outside stakeholders not only strengthens relationships but also leads to collaboration, innovation, and growth.

What’s the hold-up?

For many organisations, implementing new technology solutions can be intimidating. It takes time, money and energy.  The most successful organisations implement technology by taking one step at a time; they strengthen their systems by implementing solutions that centralise their data in a seamless manner, and allow them to get rid of disconnected systems, spreadsheets and unnecessary manual work.

What does this mean for HR?

The impact of technology is seen in nearly all areas of business – including human resources.  With Millennials making up more than half of the current workforce and predicted to make up 75 percent by 2020, HR is going to have to embrace and build on technology advancements to meet business requirements and employee expectations.

Clean up your office with the cloud

The cloud is changing HR in a big way. Collecting and storing data has always been a big part of HR’s function. Before the cloud, there were hard drives, filing cabinets, desk drawers, and piles of paper. Naturally, this leads to security issues, data loss and messy office spaces. Today, all of this information can be stored in the cloud documents and other important information can be accessed online while data is collected through simplified forms and automatic processes.

Give your employees mobile technology

Cloud-based mobile platforms allow individuals to access their information more readily than ever before.  Employees don’t want to have to email HR every time they have a question about  benefits or paychecks; instead, they log on to a portal where all of their information is at their fingertips. Imagine if this same portal allowed employees to request time off, submit expenses or change their mailing address.

So, now what?

As we quickly move into the future of technology in the workplace, HR has a lot to look forward to; easier storage and access, better insights and greater transparency are only the beginning. Because of efficiency, cost savings, and employee expectations – for HR and organisations as a whole – modern technology is too important for your organisation to ignore. Attract and hire the right people, on-board them to your unique company culture, and identify the best means and methods to engage and retain them.

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