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Better user experience with Passwordless Authentication

We have been an early adopter of 2FA to provide secure access to customer data. Earlier this year we also added support for the newer FIDO2 standard for 2FA, making us one of the first large enterprises in Europe to adopt this innovative technology.

passwordless login
passwordless login

Now we take our customers to the next level, supporting Passwordless Authentication with FIDO2 for the wide range of all Visma applications using our identity provider Visma Connect IdP

This makes us one of the first large enterprises in Europe to fully commit to and adopt this technologyand make it available at a large scale.

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What is Passwordless Authentication?

With Passwordless Authentication enabled, any laptop or desktop with a Windows Hello fingerprint reader or camera, Macbook with Touch ID, or Android phone can sign in without a username or password. Instead, biometric capabilities are used.

More devices will be compatible in the future with FIDO2 support. For users without such devices, FIDO2 portable security keys can be obtained to provide the same, highly secure, but simple passwordless user experience.

“By 2022, Gartner predicts that 60% of large and global enterprises, and 90% of midsize enterprises, will implement passwordless methods in more than 50% of use cases.” 

Applications that rely on passwords have various downsides, including risk from hacking attempts like phishing, the chance of lost or stolen credentials, and the inconvenience of combining a password with a 2FA method during the sign-in process.

Passwordless Authentication includes 2FA, is highly secure, is fully resistant to phishing, and is also very user-friendly. After the user registers a compatible device, the wide range of Visma applications can be accessed by a simple click of the Sign-in button.

Moving from Passwords to Passwordless will be a journey and as an early adopter, Visma will continue to invest in the best user experience and processes. As with all new technologies, there are at present limitations with devices and browser support.

Most browsers support 2FA technology but, at present, Chrome, Edge, and Opera have the technology built-in for the Passwordless (and “Usernameless”) technology we in Visma believe in.

The future of authentication has arrived and your passwordless journey has now begun with Visma.

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