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Empowering public sector efficiency: Our role in Europe’s digital transformation

In a time heavily impacted by demographic changes, we’re faced with the challenges of a growing elderly population – especially in Europe. This shift emphasises the need for sustainable resource management.

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Enhancing public sector efficiency has become a crucial challenge and opportunity for European governments. The public sector’s capacity to adapt and innovate is vital for economic performance, the quality of public services, and resource stewardship. 

At the heart of this transformation is the digitalisation of public administration. As a leading vendor, we are at the forefront of this change, reshaping how citizens interact with and benefit from government services.

Our contribution to simplifying government operations

With a comprehensive product portfolio tailored to the public sector’s unique needs and complexities, Visma leads the way in simplifying government operations. Our solutions span from healthcare to education, infrastructure, financial management, and environmental protection.

Dedicated to advance public administration through technology

As Europe’s leading provider of standard software, Visma stands as a pillar of compliance and security, supporting over 1.7 million customers with a robust team of 5,000 developers. Notably, 2,000 of these developers are solely focused on crafting innovative solutions for the public sector.

Our SaaS offerings cover all levels of public administration, providing tested solutions that create significant value. Our extensive solutions within HRM, financial planning, educational administration, healthcare, and eGovernment solutions, are all designed to enhance communication between public institutions and citizens. FramsiktEnterprise Plus, Personic PWilma, Oima, ZorgDomein, and First Agenda to mention a few.

Streamlining operations with digital solutions

The current digital era is opening doors for public sector administrations to improve efficiency and service delivery. Our eGovernment solutions exemplify this by replacing outdated, paper-based systems with efficient, digital workflows. Implementing changes like these speed up production processes, reduce costs, and enhance the productivity of public sector workers. As a result, workers can dedicate more time to improve their services to citizens. 

Other examples are our financial and planning tools that automate budgeting and financial tasks. These provide instant insights for smarter resource use. Additionally, integrating AI technologies enhances data analysis, decision-making processes, and service personalisation, which are revolutionising how the public sector meets community needs.

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A partner for the future

Our contribution to public sector efficiency goes beyond simply providing software. We are driving Europe’s progression towards a more efficient, transparent, and responsive public administration.

By constantly innovating and harnessing AI, coupled with a profound understanding of the public sector’s challenges, we don’t just provide tools for current demands but also proactively search for and craft solutions for future needs. Our aim is to pave the way for a brighter future where public services are accessible, sustainable, and in tune with the changing requirements of citizens and communities.

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