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European Cyber Security Month 2022

October is European Cyber Security Month. This year’s topics are phishing and ransomware. Read on to learn how Visma contributes to a safer digital environment.

The European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) is the EU’s annual campaign dedicated to promoting cyber security among EU citizens and organisations, and providing up-to-date online security information.

Each year hundreds of activities take place across Europe, including conferences, workshops, training sessions, webinars, presentations and more. This is to promote digital security and cyber hygiene. ECSM is coordinated by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and the European Commission. Visma is contributing to this important campaign with numerous initiatives for the fifth year in a row.

The chosen topics for this year are phishing and ransomware. Neither of these threats are new, however the cyber criminals are advancing their techniques. Phishing attacks have tripled since 2020 and the number of ransomware attacks have doubled yearly. Every single business is at risk, no matter size or activity.

To stay ahead of cyber criminals, it’s important to continuously improve technical security, while maintaining focus on one of the most valuable assets of any organisation: the people. With good training, awareness raising and getting employees interested and involved in cyber security issues, we’ll all be better prepared to face the cyber threats we see today.

Learn more about cyber security in Visma

European Cyber Security Month in Visma
In Visma, we have a strong focus on security every day, all year around. The ECSM campaign is a great opportunity to reinforce and put extra focus on this through fun activities, interesting talks and training for our employees. We consider it a social responsibility to talk about security and the risks that we’re facing in today’s world and put it on the agenda. These are risks that won’t go away anytime soon, and the more awareness we raise, the better we will be prepared together.

In this short video you can hear our CEO, Merete Hverven, discuss Visma’s contribution to this year’s ECSM campaign.

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