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Get to know Espen, our Chief Security Officer

Espen Johansen has been with us for ten years, both in sales and management roles, various security positions and as board member for several Visma companies. Read on to learn more about his thoughts on the road ahead as CSO.

Espen Johansen

Before joining Visma, he worked for a range of tech companies, ran his own company, worked for the United Nations and the Norwegian Armed Forces. His focus and passion has always been, and continues to be, security. 

Together with our security hub, Espen has over the past years led the Visma Security Program that has put Visma on the forefront of software security. Read on to learn more about his inspiring thoughts on the road ahead.

From Director of Security to CSO

Now, Espen will take on the role as Chief Security Officer of Visma and ensure appropriate risk levels and limit incidents related to physical, financial, personal or reputational issues. He will work closely with group management, and together they’ll put security even higher on the agenda.

I’m so proud of all the efforts I see our Visma companies take to ensure security as a top priority. It’s the sum of all these efforts that continues to ensure that our products are safe to use.

Espen Johansen, CSO at Visma

Throughout Espen’s years in Visma he’s made considerable efforts in making security as easy and affordable as possible for our companies and customers. This is one of the key factors to success in order to make Visma companies committed to their security at a top level. When you use our services, you deserve to feel safe, and be able to focus on what you do best, fully knowing that Visma will maintain your best interests. 

“ The diversity of companies and markets makes the task of delivering strong security even more challenging, interesting and thrilling for me. So, when I was offered to take the Chief Security Offices role in Visma, I accepted without hesitation and with a great portion of pride.”

Espen Johansen, CSO at Visma

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility!

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