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My leadership journey: Meet Mirela!

Mirela Miculescu loves to drive the digital transformation across our 170 companies. Going on her 7th year at Visma, she’s excited for many more years of driving change.

Mirela Miculescu

In this mini series of blog articles, you’ll get to know some of our leaders who have graduated from the Visma Management Academy (VMA). Every year, 100 of our top leadership talents take part in the programme.

Visma Careers: Come work with us!

Who, what, where:

Mirela Miculescu is our Head of Applications and Digital Transformation. Located in Romania, she works with driving the digital transformation across our organisation – helping Visma companies thrive through improving their tech and system infrastructure.

Hi, Mirela! What brought you to Visma?

“I joined Visma in 2016, after they opened their competence centre in Timisoara after my company was acquired. My first role was a Business Analyst role. No people or management responsibility back then. I was part of an integration development team right from the year this team was formed. It was a lot of fun being part of a very engaged new team!

Later on, I took on the role as a Business Analyst & Quality Assurer for both integration projects and for our internal people management system. I’ve also been involved with onboarding business systems to newly acquired Visma companies. I’ve worn many hats over the years, but I’ve always been part of the Visma Group division. Our job is to help our 170 companies succeed with the right infrastructure, technology, skills, and best practices.”

Why do you think you were nominated for the academy?

“I believe that Visma, and my own leader in particular, wishes to create opportunities for us and reward performance and engagement, while always pushing us to grow in our roles. And, of course, I hope my own performance and consistency has something to do with it!”

How do you see your career going forward?

“I definitely have a lot of unfinished business at Visma! I want to create more value and support for companies, both for newly acquired and established Visma companies. I constantly see my career maturing and progressing here, including going through a lot of changes. So, although I cannot predict what my role will be in the future, I like to believe that I’ll still be part of enhancing Visma’s story.”

How would you describe the VMA to someone outside of Visma?

“I’d say it’s an impeccably organised event that contributes significantly to better understanding of our values and strategies. The academy creates engagement and loyalty, as well as a great sense of belonging for new leaders. Everyone was energetic and friendly, and there was just an overall amazing vibe throughout the meetups. Like a big group of people who have known each other forever. And the best part is that I feel like I can use my new insights and learnings every day!”

How has VMA helped you in finding the right career path?

“I’ve gained an even wider perspective of Visma, and also got to know so many more colleagues. Also, getting to know so many talented, engaged leaders and colleagues has reinforced the idea that I work for the right company.“

“Getting to know so many talented, engaged leaders and colleagues has reinforced the idea that I work for the right company.”

Mirela Miculescu

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