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The easiest way to go from traditional accountant to strategic advisor

As digitalisation continues to grow, the role of accountants is quickly transforming, as well. Learn how automation and collaboration are reshaping the profession and empowering accountants to thrive.

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The accounting profession is undergoing a remarkable transformation. With the adoption of fixed pricing models and a move towards more comprehensive advisory services, this shift marks a departure from traditional billing practices to a subscription-based business model.

It also signifies a deeper redefinition of your role as an accountant – taking you from a traditional “number cruncher” to a strategic partner.

The role of automation in modern accounting

Automation tools can help make you indispensable to your clients. By using cloud accounting software for routine tasks like transaction entry, invoice processing, and bank reconciliation, you’ll significantly reduce the time you have to spend on manual processes. That means you’ll be more efficient, giving you more time to focus on higher-value activities like financial analysis, budget forecasting, and strategic planning.

Want to see how accountants are using Visma cloud accounting and payroll products today? Take two minutes to hear from some of our customers in this video.

Strengthening collaboration with small businesses

When you adopt automation, it enhances collaboration between your accounting office and your small business clients, as time freed up from manual work can be spent directly with those clients. By working closely with your clients, you can provide tailored advice that addresses their specific business needs, from cash flow management to tax planning. This collaborative approach helps small businesses understand their financial health better, make informed decisions, and ultimately, achieve their business objectives.

Market-leading software built on automation

The Visma accounting portfolio includes software brands such as Tripletex in Norway, e-conomic in Denmark, Silverfin in Belgium and England, Netvisor in Finland, and SPCS in Sweden. These are all market-leading, local brands that are supported by Visma’s global expertise. Our cloud products have been meticulously developed to automate manual processes and simplify the management of accounting and payroll for small businesses, designed to facilitate seamless collaboration with accountants. 

By leveraging AI technologies such as AutoPay, AutoInvoice, and AutoSuggest in our products, we empower you as an accountant to maintain a comprehensive grasp on your clients’ financial metrics and generate a detailed financial overview of their operations, ensuring you can provide value-added services. This enables you to guide your clients towards smarter, data-driven decisions for sustained growth and profitability, stepping into the role of a strategic advisor. 

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Creating connections with cloud accounting and payroll

We partner with over 15,000 accounting offices across Europe and LatAm. By offering a suite of cloud-based accounting and business management solutions, we enable accounting offices to streamline operations, enhance client services, and transition smoothly to the role of strategic advisors. This partnership not only supports operational needs but also empowers you as an accountant to deliver more value to your clients, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

“Accountants need to spend their time helping their clients. With our collaborative accounting and payroll software, you can take your company and clients to the next level”

Ari-Pekka Salovaara, Small Business Segment Director

Ready to become a partner? 

As Champions of cloud software, we leverage Europe’s premier accounting and payroll brands to serve over 1.3 million active small businesses. This comes with a significant responsibility: ensuring that accounting offices and small businesses can seamlessly collaborate across all markets to foster mutual growth and success. Our goal is to build strategic partnerships that last!

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