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The power of video applications in recruitment

Imagine a recruitment process that is more collaborative, inclusive and efficient – already at the resume screening stage. Videos are valuable for recruiters to better identify the most promising candidates for a vacancy. Learn more about the power of incorporating video applications in your hiring process.

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360-degree view of candidates

Using video as a part of the recruitment process opens up for a more inclusive, wide-ranging field of candidates, and can help you look beyond mere credentials. When offering video applications, companies also demonstrate a desire to get to know the applicants on a deeper level.

It can often be challenging to get a genuine 360-degree view of an applicant solely based on their resume and cover letter. When screening a resume, certain criteria – such as educational background and professional experience – is often emphasized. Unfortunately, this can limit the range of candidates because it doesn’t really portray their personality or whether they are a good cultural fit in the organization.

The combination of visuals and sound that video offers give recruiters the opportunity to more easily assess applicants. Certain qualities that come out on video can simply not be quantified – such as a particular spark, energy or excitement for the particular position.

Screen more effectively

Screening of resumes and cover letters is time-consuming, and the task is often limited to the recruitment manager. Assessing videos can more effectively identify the best fitting candidates for the position. You might think it’s a cliché, but a picture paints a thousand words, as visuals offer stronger clues.

How does the candidate sound and appear? Does the candidate seem confident? Excited? Or perhaps nervous? Video can better reveal how articulate a candidate is. How they express themselves will clue you in, and you can discover more about their character and educational level. Perhaps giving oral presentations to clients is a key component for an open position. Through video, it is easier to identify if the applicant holds the necessary traits for a particular position, such as communication and language skills.

Assessing candidates based on videos can thereby improve your chances of including the most relevant candidates in your interview pool. You may also uncover some hidden gems that screening of resumes alone could have excluded.

Promote collaborative hiring

With video, it’s easier for other team members to partake in the screening process, promoting more collaborative decision-making. Team members can easily review video submissions at their own convenience and provide feedback to help identify the top candidates that are most relevant for in-person interviews.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a collaborative hiring process is that it better the chances of hiring cultural fits. Employees often have divergent perceptions of what it means to be a part of the organization. When multiple team members are involved in the early stages of the hiring process, it provides a broader conception of the candidate’s cultural fit in the company.

Reduce discrimination

Collaborative hiring can also limit the impact of unconscious bias in the recruitment process. The involvement of multiple employees opens up for transparency and reduce the risk of prejudice and discrimination of candidates.

The process of video application itself is discrimination-free. All candidates are requested to answer the same set of defined questions on video that can easily be compared on a case-by-case basis. Addressing automated and identical questions to each candidate minimize bias and potential misjudgments in the recruitment process.

Improve the candidate experience

The ability to apply with video engages the candidate in the early stages of the hiring process. Yes, video recording may feel like a barrier for some applicants. However, it ensures that only the most motivated and interested candidates apply. Video allows for more personal, frank responses and most candidates appreciate the opportunity to present a more authentic side of themselves in a comfortable environment.

In the “war” for talent, don’t underestimate the power of offering a great candidate experience throughout the recruitment process. If your company has yet to consider incorporating video in your hiring process, you may risk omitting the best candidates. In sum, video applications offer next-level candidate insights fostering a more collaborative, efficient and inclusive recruitment process.

Visma EasyCruit just launched video application as new functionality. Watch the video below to see how it works!

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