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“Why I chose Visma”: A career beyond the ordinary

Want to know what makes Visma unlike anywhere else? We asked a few of our colleagues what they love most about working here, and what makes Visma so special.

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Finding a rewarding career is about more than securing a position: it’s about discovering a path that challenges the status quo, contributes to meaningful change, and respects individuality. And, it’s about so much more than a paycheck. If you want people to stay and thrive, you have to create an environment where every voice is heard, and every contribution matters. 

We asked a few of our fellow colleagues why they chose a career at Visma, and here’s what they shared with us.

Work that drives change

“I love working for Visma because it’s a place where innovation meets purpose”, says Maaike Berger, Marketing & Sales Director at Visma Connect. “Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth. Within Visma I’m not just a number; the management truly cares about my well-being and development, valuing my unique contributions and expertise, fostering a supportive environment where everyone can thrive.”

At the heart of Visma’s appeal is our commitment to driving and leading change. Unlike organisations that adapt to change when it comes, we actively lead the way with a diverse range of innovative products. Our companies not only respond to market demands but anticipate and influence future trends.

Our products

But of course, our products are about so much more than numbers and trends. “What truly excites me about working at Visma is the impact we can have on society with our software, and the difference we make for our customers”, says Mads Gadgaard, Product Manager at e-conomic.

Each employee’s dedication to creating high-quality SaaS products ensures that their contributions directly improve customer experiences. Our commitment to continuous innovation ensures we’re always working on exciting, industry-leading products and projects. The beauty is that we are not using the tech for tech’s sake, but to create great useful, usable, and used products.

“You also get the entrepreneurial spirit while being part of a much bigger community of companies – with people who genuinely inspire, challenge, and root for each other”, Mads shares.

Fostering autonomy and inclusivity

Speaking of our unique culture… It is truly what makes working at Visma unlike anywhere else. As Chiara Myhr Trivilino, Web Manager for Visma Norway, reflects: “I wanted to work for Visma because I had heard that it has a really good professional environment within marketing. I am really happy I chose Visma. It’s such an inspiring place to work with so many great colleagues and lots of opportunities.”

Our motto is, and always will be: “Come as you are”. We celebrate diversity, and every individual is valued for their unique contributions. In our community, varied perspectives are not only welcomed but seen as essential to the company’s success and innovation. So, we actively seek out individuals who are ready to navigate without stringent rules and take initiative. Each employee’s ability to think independently is the key to our collective success.

Empowerment through a flat structure

“Visma encourages you to be your authentic self”, shares Martine Janzen, Product Marketeer at Nmbrs. “It’s a place where trusting and inspiring each other is more important than being the best. Because in the end, when focusing on getting the best out of your people, you will always get the best result.”

We’re proud to say that hierarchy really does take a backseat here. Excellence, innovation, and hard work shape our path. Your voice and ideas stand on their own merits, not titles.

Are you ready for a career beyond the ordinary?

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