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Partnering for change: Visma’s commitment to UNICEF

By partnering with UNICEF and supporting initiatives like the UPSHIFT programme, Visma is committed to positively impact the lives of children and young people worldwide – empowering them with tools to take charge of their future. Join us in making a difference and learn more about our long-term support of UNICEF.

Visma x UNICEF

Working in over 190 countries and territories worldwide, UNICEF is dedicated to saving children’s lives, defending their rights, and helping them fulfil their potential. UNICEF’s tireless efforts are making a real difference – and we couldn’t be more proud to be part of their journey.

Visma has been a long-term supporter of UNICEF since 2017 through individual donations funding critical initiatives. These include the distribution of COVID vaccines and war relief efforts in Ukraine and the Middle East, among other things. Now, we’re excited to take our partnership with UNICEF to the next level.

Empowering UNICEF through financial support and industry-leading software

Over the next three years, Visma and UNICEF are joining forces to make a change. Visma has committed to donating €530,000 throughout the partnership to support UNICEF’s initiatives, including the UPSHIFT programme which fosters youth entrepreneurship, and general relief initiatives for vulnerable children.

In addition to the financial commitment, we’re happy to offer UNICEF Norway free access to several of our software services. This will enable UNICEF to operate more efficiently, freeing up valuable time and resources for their crucial programmes benefitting children and young people. Visma’s support is all about maximising resources to create a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of children around the world.

Learn more about the Visma x UNICEF partnership

An inevitable partnership

One of the key figures behind this partnership is Martin Roa Skramstad, our Strategic Project Manager. During the course of his master’s degree at the Norwegian School of Economics he connected with both Visma and UNICEF through the student union, which ultimately led him to undertake internships at both organisations. He worked for UNICEF in Norway, Malawi, and Australia, before finding his way back to Visma’s headquarters in Oslo. 

UNICEF and Visma align very well on several fronts. Both are global organisations driven by clear purpose and vision. We both strive to be responsible, dedicated, and inclusive – and we actively pursue entrepreneurial solutions that’ll positively impact society. Our teams consist of passionate individuals who dedicate themselves to helping others.

Martin Roa Skramstad, Strategic Project Manager

Martin believes there was only a matter of time before the relationship between Visma and UNICEF would turn into a strategic partnership. He says: “I think that the passion of Visma’s employees to positively impact society at large initially sparked this partnership. Visma has already supported UNICEF for many years through charitable donations, which made it quite easy to get this long-term strategic partnership up and running.”

When Martin reflects on what he has found most fulfilling about working with the partnership, it’s the internal sense of pride it generated that stands out. Knowing that our contributions are truly making a difference for those in need is what drives him, and also resonates with so many others at Visma.

UPSHIFT: Accelerating innovation for the largest generation of youths in history

When it comes to the unquestionable main goal of the partnership, which is to positively impact the lives of children and young people worldwide, Martin says: “Our aim is to support UNICEF on their mission of protecting the human rights of every child, everywhere. This is why we earmarked a chunk of the financial support for UNICEF’s entrepreneurial programme UPSHIFT.” 

The UPSHIFT programme is a social innovator accelerator suited for people between the ages of 10–24. It provides them with tools that help with unlocking their potential and making a real difference in their lives and communities. This includes teaching skills like problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, leadership, and communication. 

The most rewarding part of working with the partnership is creating a positive impact on the lives of children. Just knowing that even though I work for a commercial company, not everything we do is commercially driven. The impact Visma has is so much bigger than anything I could’ve achieved on my own, so I’m proud to work for an employer that contributes to the bigger picture.

Martin Roa Skramstad, Strategic Project Manager

UPSHIFT has been around for over a decade, revolutionising how we see the capabilities of young people and preparing them to take charge of their future – both career-wise and socially. Based on a solid curriculum and key ideas, UPSHIFT is adapted to serve the diverse needs of young people across almost 50 countries.

→ Learn more about the UPSHIFT programme here.

Martin is confident that both UNICEF and Visma consider the partnership a great match due to our shared values and principles. There exists an immense potential in terms of joining forces to advocate for children’s rights. And, the more platforms dedicated to UNICEF’s cause, the stronger the impact will be.

“We plan on continuing Visma’s consistent growth, and I want UNICEF along on that journey”, Martin explains. “All of our colleagues across all countries should feel a sense of involvement in the partnership and responsibility for bringing this community into every new market we enter – ultimately contributing to making life better for children worldwide, together with UNICEF.”

Learn more about the Visma x UNICEF partnership