Privacy statement related to customer feedback – InMoment

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About the use of InMoment

At Visma, we are eager to deliver a great experience for our customers and users. As a part of that, being in contact with and receiving feedback from customers and users is crucial to ensure that we keep current customers happy and attract new ones.

InMoment is a tool for systematic compilation of customer feedback by using micro-surveys of three types of customer experience metrics – Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction). Surveys may be distributed through different channels – in-app web, mobile, email and as survey links. Users first receive a survey question asking to select a score on the rating scale, and if a user selects a score, they receive a follow-up question with a free text box asking to provide a reason for their score. Users have the right to decline the survey.

Purpose of the processing and categories of personal data

The purpose of the processing is to handle your feedback, and if necessary get in contact with you to follow up on the feedback that you have given. We might register personal data alongside your answer when you give a score in the InMoment banner and/or when you add a comment in the banner. We might register information related to the answer, name of product or service, customer, and the user – including, but not limited to username/id, email, URL, company name and country. We use such personal data to follow up on feedback from users and customers in order to fully understand their needs, and to inform when we have taken action on the feedback. If you select a score in the banner and/or add a comment, the personal data might be used to contact you to receive more feedback. Please contact the relevant Visma company to learn more about what data is specifically collected about you.

Use of cookies

In order to ensure appropriate survey throttling, meaning how often users receive surveys, InMoment may set cookies to capture and process personal data, including but not limited to username/id/email, time and date of login. This allows us to adhere to the best practices on collecting customer feedback via micro-surveys. 

Legal ground for processing the personal data

The legal ground for processing your personal data is a legitimate interest. You decide if you want to give a score in the InMoment banner and add a comment to provide more feedback and thereby send your personal data to Visma.

Our legitimate interest is to increase the quality of our products and services and thereby deliver a better experience to our users. We use the feedback to develop our products and services in the direction that the customer wishes, and to improve the quality overall. You will not be contacted if you don't respond to the survey. In such a way, you are in control of when the personal data is used. We also use the personal data to avoid the banner appearing every time you log into the product or service, which benefits you as a user. Using InMoment in the product or service will benefit both the user and Visma by improving the customer experience/use of the service. 

How long is your data stored?

Personal data will be either anonymised or deleted when it is no longer necessary for the above mentioned purpose of processing, in general no later than 3 years since it was collected.

Use of processors and sharing of personal data

In order to handle your feedback, we may share your personal data with other companies within the Visma group to fulfil the purposes listed above. Visma does not share your personal data with external third parties other than subcontractors and partners. We will ensure your personal data and rights by entering into data protection agreements with such subcontractors and partners. These subcontractors are primarily based within the EU and are typically used for data analytics, statistics, reporting, and to communicate the collected feedback to the employees this may be relevant to. If any subcontractor is located in a country outside the EU that does not benefit from an adequacy decision by the EU Commission, Visma has entered into the Standard Contractual Clauses adopted by the EU Commission with such subcontractors and implemented additional measures to ensure the protection of your personal data.  

Your rights

You are entitled to request access to, deletion of, rectification or restriction of, or to object to our processing of your personal data. You may also have the right to data portability, and the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory data protection authority with regards to Visma’s processing of your personal data.

Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to contact the company that delivers the product you are using (which is using InMoment) to receive more information about how they use and handle your data or if you have other questions related to how Visma processes your personal data in InMoment. You can also contact us by using this form.