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How Visma’s Management Trainee program kick-started my career – Part 1

We have had a lot of great talents as part of our Management Trainee program. But what do their careers look like now, and how have their journeys been? We have talked to Brian Ye and Steffen Torp about their experiences as Management Trainees, what happened since, and where they are today.


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Brian Ye, Product Insights Lead

Meet Brian Ye, a Product Insights Lead who started out as a Management Trainee. This is how his career has developed through his journey in Visma.

Brian Ye, Product Insights Lead at Visma.

Brian Ye, Swedish
Currently works as a Product Insights Lead
Management Trainee 2017-2018
Studied: Master of Science in Computer Science, specializing in IT-Management at KTH

How did you start your journey in Visma and what do you do today?

“I began my career at Visma as a summer intern, responsible for a project relating to DevOps for one of Visma’s web-based products. From there I was offered the opportunity to work as a Management Trainee for a year. I believe this program has greatly benefited my career and enabled me to figure out what I find interesting which has led to me being in the position I am in today. 

Since working as a Data Analyst in a finance department, and subsequently, as a Data Scientist for various data science-related projects, I have now become a Product Insights Lead. 

In this role I am tasked with leading the area of product insights, helping teams at Visma become better at understanding their products through analysing and implementing behavioural data collection capabilities. Our goal is to better understand what our customers want and need so that we may deliver what is truly valuable to them.”

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What was your experience with Visma’s Management Trainee Program and why should others apply?

“I think it is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to get a wide set of knowledge and insight into what’s possible to work within tech. The biggest challenge for anyone who graduates from university is to know what’s relevant to them and what they may enjoy working with. 

When you’re not sure what opportunities are available, how are you supposed to decide? In my case, I did not want to become a consultant, nor a developer. I found the Management Trainee program to be a great match for me, and it allows you to get exposed to a wide network of senior industry professionals and other like-minded individuals.”

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Steffen Torp, Chief Commercial Officer

Meet Steffen Torp, our Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and learn how his career has developed through his journey in Visma.

Steffen Torp, Chief Commercial Officer

Steffen Torp, Norwegian
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
Management Trainee 2006-2007
Studied: M.A. (Dub)Business Studies and Economics at Trinity College

Tell us about your journey in Visma 

“While I didn’t apply for the Management Trainee Program, I sent in my CV which ended up in two places in Visma at the same time, and instead of offering me a “regular job,” they created a new management trainee position for me. 

I started on a one-year contract with Visma, but after the year ended I already moved to a position in the product development department. Over the next few years, I changed roles within Visma, including Business Controller, Finance Director, Division Director, and currently, I’m the Chief Commercial Officer for the Visma Group which is a role that I really enjoy. Working with software products is my passion and I have worked with IT/software since the mid-90s, but always with web/online software. 

I have never had a desire to work for a large international company, and although Visma is fairly large, my goal is to make sure we never lose our “small company” feeling. What has kept me in Visma for all these years is that there has always been a lot of trust in my job, meaning I’ve been able to fail and learn from my mistakes many times, without my colleagues losing faith in me. Additionally, I have been able to work with many talented people from whom I have learned a lot.”

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What was your experience with the Management Trainee Program and why should others apply?

“The program embodies what has kept me in Visma for such a long time. The ability to move around the company, see what works and what doesn’t, learning from talented and experienced people while also facing some trials and errors yourself. 

Visma is made up of many small companies, so you can actually get a sense of how a complete business operates much more easily than trying to understand a small function of a global conglomerate. Every day, you are surrounded by the people who keep the company running. 

As a management trainee, you are able to switch from one business to another in your different projects every few months. This gains you insight into how several different businesses work, and you can make up your own opinion as to what makes it tick and what its challenges are. This kind of opportunity is not commonly found in many software businesses in our part of the world.”

The Management Trainee Program offers a unique combination of tech and management. As a trainee you will be challenged, through practical experiences, to manage five projects in different roles across companies, business areas, and countries.”

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