4 Reasons why you should take a coffee break

Whether you call it a fika or grabbing a cup of joe, a few minutes away from your desk could spark a great idea, improve communication and help with team building.  All with just a simple coffee break.

The science of coffee breaks

There are a number of studies to support the idea that taking regular breaks boosts workplace culture and productivity. Breaks can help:

  • Keep focus: A study in the journal Cognition found that brief diversions from a task can dramatically improve one’s ability to concentrate.
  • Relieve stress: A study in Symbolic Reaction found that having coffee breaks with co-workers helped a group of Denmark employees cope after a large-scale merger.
  • Boost productivity: Caffeine increases attention spans, improves focus, and boosts mental energy so your workers can work more and feel rewarded while doing so.
  • Recharge energy: The Energy Project, a New York City-based productivity consulting firm, found that without any downtime, people are less efficient, make more mistakes, and are less engaged in what they’re doing.

Go ahead, take that coffee break. After all, it’s backed by science. But be sure not to drink too much coffee. According to EU food authority, EFSA, you should not drink more than four cups of coffee a day. If you are pregnant, you should settle for two cups per day.