How I see projects being handled in marketing

I work in the Marketing Department here at Visma Severa and I handle many different types of social media projects and tasks. One thing I’ve learned is that there are many different kinds of projects in marketing and handling them can require skills that demand time management and team coordination. What I mean is that you have limited amount of time to do all of your work, as well as handle everyday tasks and then on top of that manage projects. So, it’s good to have a Project management tool to help with time management, so that the right projects get your efforts at the right time.

Such a tool has to be easy to use and should be available on line so that it’s accessible from any location – even from home (since I work from home a bit.)Here in Severa, I am lucky to be part of a great team. I mean if you have problems or need help, they are there for you. Being new, you need help and it’s good to know you aren’t on your own. Meetings and feedback help you to figure out “Am I heading to the right direction or maybe I should do some changes?” Paul Rasmussen wrote on his blog that communication skills are important so that all of your team members keep on the same page. You don’t necessarily start of on the same page right away. This might just be because of everyone understanding directions just a tad-bit differently.

I didn’t even think about this kind of a basic thing might give you a problem and its good that someone reminds you on these things. Of course you have the general steps involved in implementing and managing a project as always. The first being Planning – this you can do yourself or just follow what you have been told. Maybe you need to ask some help from others when getting stuck in the details. Then there is the “doing –part” and everyone has their own part to carry out to successfully complete the project. The next step is to check if everything is in order and do you have to make some changes. If so, then check again and repair… the loop continues until it the project is completed.

As the saying goes, there is no one way to skin a cat. It’s also true in project management – there are several ways to ensure tasks are completed on time and budget. I found another great blog, where the writer is wondering if agile development process fits into a standard project management. In times where we are running like chicken with heads cut off, we could claim that’s our version of agile project management. But jokes aside that type of PM can be the answer when you are pressed for time and you want to give some “method to the madness”. But I’ll let you decide for yourself. Do let me know what you think about it?

The other point that often becomes an issue is when are projects actually completed? We all put our blood and sweat into completing a project so sometimes we may get too carried away trying to perfect it. This is especially true when working on creative marketing projects that have “soft deadlines”. Even if the project objectives are met, you can always do a bit more to make it even better. To that effect, I found an Interesting article “When Is Your Project Ready to Go Live?” It has good points that PM’s doesn’t necessarily think always which is the right time to go public with your project.

Maybe it should be decided early when starting the project what are those things to define if you’re ready. How do you know when you are ready they ask and that’s something you really need to think about. Every project brings you something new and it’s great because you can use it later. It can be new skills, knowledge or self revelation points. Projects are about learning all the time, getting involved and accomplishing things with your team. Johanna Rothman wrote an interesting piece about learning.

At the end we need to make a choice of how we learn through the process or just concentrate on getting the job done. After all it’s up to us to prioritize our projects, work, and our lives.

Text: Tiina Rossi