Privacy Related to Customer Feedback

In Visma, we are eager to deliver a great experience for our customers. As a part of that, being in contact with, and receiving feedback from our customers is crucial to ensure that we keep current customers happy and attract new ones.

In order to handle your feedback, and if necessary get in contact with you to follow up feedback that you have given, we register personal data alongside your answer. In addition to that, we also register information related to the answer, application, customer, and user including but not limited to username/id, email, URL, company name, country, and pricing plan. We use such personal data to follow up the feedback with users and customers in order to fully understand the needs, and to inform when we have taken action on the feedback. The legal ground for processing your personal data is our legitimate interest in trying to ensure that Visma lives up to our customers expectations and all contractual commitments. Personal data will be deleted when the data is no longer necessary for the above mentioned purpose of processing.

In order to handle your feedback, we may share your personal data with other companies within the Visma group. Visma does not share your personal data with external third parties other than subcontractors and partners. We will ensure your personal data and rights by entering into data protection agreements with such subcontractors. Some of these subcontractors are located outside the EU, where Visma ensures the legal basis for transferring personal data to such parties/countries, either by using the EU Model Clauses or Privacy Shield. Wootric is an example of such a subcontractor, located in the US and used by Visma as a supplier of a customer feedback tool.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on to receive more information about our subcontractors and documentation in this regard, or if you have other questions related to how Visma process your personal data.

You are entitled to request access to, rectification or restriction of, or to object to our processing of your personal data. You may also have a right to data portability, and a right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory data protection authority with regards to Visma’s processing of your personal data.

You will find more information about our processing of personal data and your rights in this regard in our privacy statement.