Welcome to Visma trust centre

At Visma, we understand that in order for you to embrace the benefits of the cloud, you must be prepared to entrust us with one of your most valuable assets, your data. When you invest in a cloud service, you must be able to trust that your data is safe, that the privacy of your data is guaranteed and that the service is fully compliant with laws, regulations and standard practises.



Visma have established processes, methods and technologies and embraced proven standards to ensure security and accessibility for our customers.



Visma is committed to safeguard our customers and contact persons privacy. Read more about the core principles and Vismas privacy statement here.




Visma wants compliance to be a lot more than legal language on a piece of paper. We want show you how we we protect your data.


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The goal of our Trust Centre is to provide you, our customer, with all of the information you need to make a qualified decision about Visma as your service provider. The information covers all products and services specified on these pages, both as part of pure cloud solutions or as part of our cloud-connected on premises solutions.

Please contact us at privacy@visma.com, should you need further information.